They That Know Their God

If you are reading this, let me personally welcome you to the year 2021, “the year of so much”. And that’s not to give you a theme for the year. It is only to acknowledge the indications in my spirit that this year is going to be full of activities, and I know we are off to a good run already. If you are like me, your year planner is almost half-way full with the lineup of to-dos and projected timelines, and maybe even some resolutions. You have told yourself it is going to be different this time around. And indeed it is, for no two years are the same. The factor that refuses to change in this equation is usually you, and if you don’t, you’ll have a 2021 that looks like 2010. Well, except for your age.

As far as I am concerned, only one category of people will thrive this year, and they are those who know their God. I’m not even sorry to disappoint you if you thought I would say, those who double their hustle, play it smart, and follow all the motivational calculations that characterize the wake of every New Year. Those ones belong in the other category. Not because it is wrong to be smart and motivated. But if you think hustle is the way, let’s meet at the end of the year and compare notes.

As it should have been clear to anyone who has cared to keenly observe, the days in which we stand are grossly dark and evil. The contention between light and darkness is all the more fierce, and believe me when I say; the year 2021 would only usher us into deeper dimensions of the conspiracy. See why I said only those who know their God would thrive in this year? By the way, that phrase is a Biblical text found in Daniel 11:32 that I only paraphrased. You may want to study the context within which it is found and catch a glimpse of the conspiracy.

It is amazing to find that, all many people traveled into 2021 with is a gigantic bag of mundane goals and desires. Get married, make more money, travel more, get that car, build that house, start that business, etc. Beautiful goals I must agree. In fact, I may land myself some, or all of the items on that list in the course of the year. But the question I’m asking is: why should God trust me with such an increase? Certainly not just to up my social status. It is warfare!

A wise teacher said this to his student: “No one engaged in warfare entangles himself with the affairs of this life, that he may please him who enlisted him as a soldier.” That teacher was the Apostle Paul as he wrote to Timothy in 2 Timothy 2:4. Have you yet understood that life is warfare, or you’re still quoting “the lord is my shepherd, and I shall not want”?

Why warfare you may ask. Well, look around you and you may just notice the intentional scheming by the powers that be, to make and keep the world ungodly. For governments of nations have taken counsel against God and are insisting on certain pervasive policies in the name of civilization, and all you’re concerned about is filling your stomach.

I wish I didn’t have to sound so depressing in my first piece for the year, but can I help it? The zeal of the Lord is speaking already, and we are safer if we heed. So, be quickened, therefore, and let your spirit come alive, for the months ahead promise to be very eventful, both for those who have made up their minds to partner with God, and those who have set their hearts against him. You must know your God to stand a chance in these days. Whoever your God is.

The spirit realm is on the lookout for foot soldiers to push agendas on the earth. What would you be pushing with your life, marriage, children, business, job, or money? As for me and my house, we will push Jesus, until his glory fills the earth.

See you on the other side.


Biyama Joseph




An avid reader, and a passionate learner. Writer, Blogger, Communication Strategist. Love God, change the word.

Biyama Joseph Ayuba

An avid reader, and a passionate learner. Writer, Blogger, Communication Strategist. Love God, change the word.