My Broken Beauty: Part 2

Biyama Joseph Ayuba
6 min readMar 22, 2021

Welcome to the second episode of My Broken Beauty. I hope the previous episode was a blessing to you.

The world is truly seeking answers and closures to these devastating life experiences as I touched on in the previous issue of My Broken Beauty.

Today I’d like to share with you a story that has had my heart skipping a beat, and my head spinning like a roller coaster every time I remember. This story is about Emily (real name withheld).

It was quite a fierce contention getting Emily to share her “life-long secret” as she called it, with me. We went back and forth on whether or not she was ready to share. But she eventually did and gave consent for me to put it in a story.

Emily is such a beauty. I could swear I’ve never met a girl as pretty as she is. She is what you would call in the contemporary terms “a goddess”. Tall and well-chiseled body structure, long straight legs, dark-complexioned, dark and shiny natural hair, piercing eyes, and I can go on and on. Emily is very smart too. She speaks proper English. It is hard to miss that Emily came from a wealthy background.

I met Emily through an acquaintance, John, who thought I needed to be friends with her. His reason was basically that Emily needed to make more male friends. I didn’t understand what he meant by that at first, but a few weeks into the journey of getting to know her opened my eyes to a lot about Emily, and then I saw his reason. I guess John had sensed all along that there was something off about Emily but lacked the courage to confront it.

Emily was very hesitant to let me into her space. It is a common thing she does with guys. As a matter of fact, Emily had no guy in her circle but John. And Mike her brother with whom she shares blood. John seems to be the only guy she has been able to let in. I eventually found out that John wasn’t the kind of guy to tread deep waters when it came to conversations. He wouldn’t ask any questions even when he saw things that seemed out of place. His job was one; keeping Emily company whenever she needed it. He was an expert at making her laugh as she told me. John was just another “girlfriend” as far as Emily was concerned. So in her mind, I was probably one like him.

What is it with Emily?

Well, Emily is gay. Or what you would call a lesbian. She came to believe she was born so. Emily is emotionally and sexually attracted to ladies, and she has quite a lot of them at her beck and call. She’s pretty, smart, and rich too, and this made it quite easy to keep a lot of female friends around. Friends she eventually converted to sexual partners, one person at a time. When I met her, she had four girls competing for her attention and commitment. It is that bad. The spirit of Lesbianism was quite palpable around Emily. I knew I perceived something strange the first time I said hi to her. She didn’t just have a captivating smile, there was something unusually compelling about her personality.

But how did Emily arrive at 15 strong years in Lesbianism?

Everything was fine until her first year in junior secondary school when Emily met Stella who eventually became her bunkmate the following year. It was an all-girls boarding school, and if you are familiar with that setting you already know what is likely to be obtainable.

The two soon became inseparable, and before long a love relationship would ensue. Stella introduced Emily to a whole new world of fantasies that seemed strange at first but quickly became a new normal. Emily had never known to explore her sexuality in the past, so she soon got hooked on the pleasures that resulted from her many escapades with Stella. In fact, she began to look forward to their meetings at their regular hideouts around the school bushes, or when they would both sneak into the toilet and do a quick one. Locations became limitless as desires kept increasing.

Fast forward to university days, Emily became the hottest conversation on campus. She became unashamed to be identified as one who dated women. Competitions became heated as many ladies tried to outdo each other in trying to win Emily’s heart. It was no longer about her good looks or her money. The spirit of Lesbianism had taken over. If she targeted you as a lady, it took the grace of God for you to escape her. Emily admitted to wooing and bedding a number of young female lecturers in and outside her school.

Today, Emily has long left school and is working for a well-established multinational organization, and the story is still the same. Maybe even worse, because Emily is considering relocating to the United States of America and getting married to a pretty African American lady or a Latino.

You may be wondering where her parents are in this entire story. You see, mom and dad got wind of what’s going on in the life of their daughter at the time when she was still in the university, but they decided they were too disappointed to even look in her direction, and since then Emily had begun to run solo. They sent money for school fees and upkeep, but they didn’t want anything to do with her.

Fast forward to the moment when Emily was sharing this heart-wrenching story with me; she is in the pool of her own tears on the floor of her beautifully furnished room as she sobbed holding tightly to my leg, I am drenched in my own sweat even though the room was well air-conditioned, and I was having no success controlling tears from rolling down my face. Emily had obviously come to the end of herself, but the question she kept asking was; “Bee, where was God when I encountered Stella in Secondary School and started out on a journey into 15 years of Lesbianism?”

The End!

Have you met someone like Emily before? Have you heard such stories before? As unbelievable as Emily’s story might have sounded, I need you to know that our societies are filled with people like her. Men and women alike. Some of them sit in the same place of worship with you.

The narrative of being born gay is a fallacy of the gravest order. But you know the devil is skilled at what he does. He hits hard until one's sense of judgment is completely flawed, and then he proceeds to establish a system on that basis.

What did I say to Emily that broke her? Maybe nothing much. But you know the Word of God is powerful, and it is sharper than any two-edged sword. The spirit of God sits upon it and does the work of conviction.

My question however is, how prepared are you to take on a world that is telling millions of other Emily’s out there that it is okay to be gay, that God accepts it, and that it is in fact, His design?


Biyama Joseph



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