I Like to Play God

I like to play God. No, not in a stage play or some drama. And this is not even some figure of speech for me. I literally like to play God. In my mind of course, but most times I wish I could be him.

This shouldn’t be a hard one to swallow for anyone who at some point has tried to figure their lives out, and wish they could set the pace for how things run. Now that’s what I mean by trying to play God.

As harmless as this may sound, I realised that it is, and has been the major hindrance for progresses we otherwise could have made in our lives if only we quit doing the math in our heads and just trusted.

I guess it is just in the human nature to want to know. The fall in the garden of Eden really dealt us a bad blow. Now we have to know the end of a journey from its beginning, even when we are sure it is a God prompting. We’d rather that God hands us the blueprint and then we can move. What if He forgets to check up on us right?

A few weeks ago while hanging out with a dear friend, I had course to reflect on some instructions God had given me about a project to carry out. Now whether or not God intended for the project to happen immediately is story for another day. But I realised that the only reason I hadn’t stepped out to do it was simply because I was unsure of how progression would happen.

How would God even think me qualified to do it? Where would the resources come from? What if I start and don’t know how to build on? So many questions and concerns I had, and as a result, I didn’t make a move. What was the issue? I needed some form of security. I needed to know that I was covered for the long haul.

Many a time the desire to know everything about something before we commit to it, is the reason we never get anything done. It is not a call to recklessness, but a call to trust. And I say this within the context of a genuine God prompting.

If you have never been baffled by the definition the Bible gives of Faith in Hebrews 11:1, then you probably have never considered it that much.
"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

How is there substance in things you are hoping for? Or evidence in things you have not seen? Well, that’s God for you. The call is to believe and move based on instructions given. The detail He reserves to Himself. Not because he likes to hoard information, but because He knows that sufficient for each step, He is able to supply, if only you keep your eyes on him.

The journey of Faith is designed to anchor us steadfastly on God. The end result is to enlarge and build us up until doubt is taken out of the way.

If this is your story, then you are not alone. We are all a community of professional project managers who sometimes think we have to help God dot the Is and cross the Ts of His instructions before anything happens. We hate being left hanging.

Today I bring you a word from John 11:40 "Jesus said to her/him, "Did I not say to you that if you would believe, you would see the glory of God?"(paraphrased)

Quit playing God, you suck at it!


Biyama Joseph



An avid reader, and a passionate learner. Writer, Blogger, Communication Strategist. Love God, change the word.

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Biyama Joseph Ayuba

An avid reader, and a passionate learner. Writer, Blogger, Communication Strategist. Love God, change the word.