I Dare to Believe

Biyama Joseph Ayuba
4 min readMay 19, 2021

The contemplations earlier today were quite intense, as I sat at the edge of my bed thinking about the promises of God to me and how my current reality is such a huge contrast to the images I have seen in my heart. It honestly seems really farfetched, and almost laughable to even say that I have started out on the journey towards that beautiful destination. But God promised, didn’t He?

Sometimes I catch myself questioning the convictions by which I took certain audacious steps that have brought me where I am today. It is not exactly looking wonderful, even though I constantly tell myself that I am not where I used to be. It is true that I may not be where I was a few years ago, but WHERE AM I? is the question that needs to be answered right now.

Did I have to let go of the things I let go of to travel this journey? Couldn’t I have found a way to marry the past and the future and everything in between? I’m sure some level of assurance would have made this a bit easier to cope with, rather than just jump and trust that somehow an invincible hand would catch me.

I think about a man like Abraham who is considered the patriarch of faith. Called out of his father’s house to a land he would be shown. What does that even mean? So, how did Abraham move not knowing where he was going? God promised that He would make Abraham the father of many nations if only he believed. Sounds quite tricky to me. How do you attach a promise to uncertainty? But God promised, didn’t He?

I guess there wouldn’t be a need for trust if God shows us the entire picture. The human tendency is to want to know in full detail before we dare to start anything. Imagine my dismay when I discovered that God doesn’t owe me more than the faith required to take the first step. That leaves me with nothing but the need to trust. And trust I have tried to do.

Seasons are turning and the word of the Lord is thundering ever so loudly, declaring again that everything He had shown me, largely through my mind’s eyes, He is intent on bringing to pass. And that where I stand right now is like the bridge between where He took me from and where He is taking me to, and that is the reason for the seeming dryness all around. It feels like in the middle of nowhere, but it is actually in the center of His will.

No, it does not always feel like in the center of God’s will. Especially on days like this when the fears, the doubts, and the feeling of insecurity have me backed up in a corner of my bed insisting on having the conversation.

Well, it may not seem like I am on track to anywhere promising. But what is my response to the voices in my head right now? They seem to know so much about how far away I am from making it, whatever “making it” means. The results on the ground actually show that I don’t have it all figured out, whatever “having it all figured out” means.

But, I dare to believe!

I dare to believe that the one who invited me on this journey is faithful to see me through to the end of the road and make provisions for everything in between.

I dare to believe that God gives me faith and wisdom enough to navigate every unique circumstance as it arises.

I dare to believe that even when it gets too quiet for comfort, He is right there in the midst of the silence.

I dare to believe that I am who God says I am and that every prophecy is only waiting to manifest at the appointed time as principles are being laid out in the interim.

I dare to believe God! I dare to believe!


Biyama Joseph




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